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I was born and grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand rather a long time ago.

Mostly I was a very good little girl.

But other times I was not!

I liked writing stories at school but topics set by the teachers included "What I did in the holidays", "My day at the beach" and "My family." They were just a little bit boring. No naughty princesses creating mischief in faraway enchanted castles, no multi-coloured dragons weaving in and out of bedroom windows, no partying jungle animals dancing to the beat of a rock 'n' roll band. Oh, no, definitely not!

After staying in Auckland with my grandparents when I was about nine, I carefully wrote and then typed a "book" on Auckland. I even illustrated it before stapling it together. My choice of author name was quite pompous and as you can see it was never likely that I would become an author/illustrator!

In Year 9 (third form back then) I was rather proud to get a story published in the school magazine. It was about the excruciating experience of shopping for my school uniform. At least writing about it cheered me up!

I enjoyed reading as a child. Favourites included the old traditional tales, Winnie the Pooh by A A Milne, Heidi by Johanna Spyri and the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton. I also laughed at the Just William stories by Richmal Crompton.

I grew up I lived in London for a number of years. The only writing I did then, in those long gone pre-email, pre-Skype days was penning letters home to my family and friends. I had a variety of jobs as well as travelling around the UK and Europe. The most interesting was working as a cinema usherette in the West End. This meant wearing a dull brown uniform and flashing a torch as royalty and movie stars of the day arrived for film premieres. Although surrounded by fame and glitter my job could not be described as in any way glamorous. It was great fun, though.

For many years I have worked as a librarian for a company of consulting engineers. Over this period I wrote a lot of humorous, silly and extremely non-literary rhymes, mainly as farewells to departing colleagues.

A few years ago, after attending a writing course, and inspired by the picture books I had read to young family members over the years, I decided to try one myself. My first attempt at a picture book was, to my great surprise and delight, accepted for publication. You can read about my books and what inspired me here.

I have subsequently very much enjoyed meeting up with other people who are interested in writing for children, mainly through my membership of organisations such as Storylines and Kiwi Write4Kidz.

My other interests include movies, art, food (especially when someone else has cooked it) and spending time with family and friends.

Finally, I live in Mt Eden, Auckland with my husband, illustrator Brian Lovelock, his adult daughter and a very beautiful black and white cat.

Sher Foley - children's author
Sher Foley

Sher's CV - printable format
Sher's CV -
printable format

Sher Foley - children's author
Mostly I was a very good
little girl.
But other times I was not!

Auckland Cover
My book about Auckland,
that I wrote and illustrated,
when I was nine.

Our beautiful black
and white cat, Amy

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