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The Cat With No Name

A young cat with no name sets out to find food in the heart of the city. Each night a kind person at a different restaurant offers the small cat a bowl of their finest leftovers. In each case, little No-name is grateful and eats the food but it is not really proper food for a cat and he doesn't return. Finally, he ventures further away and comes to a home where they have some real cat food, and two young children who would like to keep him.

The Story behind The Cat With No Name

Quite a number of years ago I adopted a friendly, rather skinny grey cat from the SPCA. I called her Lucy. She quickly became fat and lived with me for the rest of her long life, eagerly demanding the best food and the warmest and most comfortable places to snooze.

One night I couldn't sleep and started to wonder what her life had been like before she was taken to the SPCA. How did she survive? Was anyone kind to her? Why was she so tame and friendly even although she was a stray? I grabbed a pen and some paper and started scribbling down some adventures of a little cat lost in a big multicultural city and the people who may have helped her. By morning I still had not slept but I did have the first draft of my first picture book. Many drafts followed.

My colleague (now partner), Brian Lovelock offered to try out some illustrations. To our surprise and delight the story was eventually accepted for publication. Lucy was not particularly impressed.

It also may be a coincidence, but that very week I wrote the first draft Lucy had cost me a great deal of money at the vet. Perhaps, I thought, one cat could earn me some money as another was costing me rather a lot. If you look at the illustration on the last page of the book you might find a clue about how much!

The Cat With No Name

Published by Scholastic
Written by Sher Foley
Illustrated by Brian Lovelock
Paperback: 978-1-86943-885-2
Age group: 2 – 7 years
32 pages, 215 x 265mm paperback,
full colour throughout,
paperback picture flat

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The Cat With No Name

The Cat With No Name
The Cat With No Name

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